The World is Theirs. Let Them Explore It

Enjoy discovering the world together with the kids' map that supports developmentally appropriate fun and learning

Give Your Child the World

The world is a big, exciting place full of wonderful sights, people, and places. Help build your toddler’s sense of awe for the world around them and nurture their curiosity with our kids’ world map.

Our rug map is crafted using the best practices in educational design and theory, meaning family fun time is supported by developmentally appropriate learning.

Montessori-Inspired Play

Our world map is inspired by the methods and research of educational pioneer Maria Montessori. The thoughtful design supports creativity, imagination, and development skills, making our map so much more than just a toy.

Montessori Philosophy

Bold, Fun Colours

Your child will be drawn to our map’s bright colours, which are carefully crafted to be visually appealing while inspiring creativity and curiosity.

Interactive Family Fun

Get out from behind the screens and enjoy quality time together with a hands-on toy that allows your toddler to create exciting new worlds while celebrating their creativity.

learning made fun with educational maps

Learning Through Play

Learning is best achieved through fun. Teach your children about the world with our world map rug and accompanying continent, ocean, and animal tiles.

Redefining Playtime

Educational Maps redefines playtime by taking the guesswork out of finding a quality toy that your child will love.


Research-Backed Play

Spend less time searching for developmentally appropriate toys and give them one that is backed by Montessori methods.

The Right Toy at the Right Time

Spend less time searching for developmentally appropriate toys and give them one that is backed by Montessori methods.


We use non-toxic, child-safe materials and construction to craft a durable toy that gives you peace of mind.


Map size: 27x15 inches


A World of Possibilities Starts Here

Give your child the gift of learning and play with a timeless toy your family will treasure for years to come.


About Our Educational World Map

Rug Specifications

12 continents and oceans

30 animal tiles

Felt continents

Digital extras

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Supporting Our Educators

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