About Us

Our mission is to help children play, learn, and grow by helping them learn more about the big, exciting world around them through thoughtfully designed toys.

Our Mission

At Educational Maps, we focus on doing one thing really well: creating educational maps to inspire creativity and learning in your child. With this singular focus in mind, we’ve created a toy that seamlessly blends play and education by giving your child the opportunity to explore the world from the comfort of your own home.

We also believe that the best toys are those backed by research and proven methodologies. Guided by this purpose, we have carefully constructed our map using the principles of renowned educational pioneer Maria Montessori.

The result is a toy your child will return to time and time again, giving them hours of joy while supporting their learning in a developmentally appropriate way

We donate 5% of our website sales to BBC Children in Need

Supporting Our Educators

We love hearing from our school officials and teachers who want to make education fun. We offer bulk discounts for educators. Reach out to discover how you can bring a world of fun and educational insights to your classroom.

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